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Mobile Apps

The new library mobile app is the mobile gateway to your library.

With this app you can keep track of your reservations and the items you have on loan. Which you can then renew straight from the app.

The app also acts as a digital library card. No more need for carrying another piece of plastic. If you are borrowing a book, or need your library membership number, just open the app instead.

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Browzine brings recent issues of scholarly journals to your tablet for browsing and reading. You can save your favourite journals, view tables of contents, and read or save articles as new issues are reseased.

For information on using Browzine and accessing the desktop version of Browzine please see the Browzine library helpguide.

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Register for a free account by going to https://www.uptodate.com from any onsite computer in the Library, or connected to the RMH or Peter Mac hospital networks. Onsite re-registration is required every three months.

Instructions for setting up UpToDate remote access and the mobile app can be found here.

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The MIMS app (MIMS for Android and iMIMS for Apple) provides full and abbreviated drug information for pharmaceuticals available in Australia. It also includes a drug interaction information module and a pill identification tool.

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To access the Therapeutic Guidelines app, please firstly delete any existing TG app from your device or the token may not work.

Go to the App Store (Apple) on your device and search for Therapeutic Guidelines. Follow the instructions on the screen to download and install.
Open the app and select Institutional user, enter your email address. Enter the token in the Token field and click Submit.

Access and download the Android application for Therapeutic Guidelines via our website: https://cdn.tg.org.au/tg.apk

You may use this token on one device. If you change your device, you will need to notify us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have your token reset.

Register for an enterprise token. Enter your details as prompted. Make sure you use your institutional email address as this is where you will receive your enterprise token. Remember to keep your token number.

Open the Therapeutic Guidelines app on your device. Select ‘Institutional Login’ and enter your chosen User ID and Enterprise Token.

Your Therapeutic Guidelines app will need to be renewed on 7 September every year. You will be sent a reminder email with instructions to renew your registration.

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Register to use the APP when onsite through any computer connected to the RMH, RWH or PMCC networks.

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MICROMEDEX Drug Information and MICROMEDEX Drug Interactions are available as mobile apps.

Follow the instructions on the Clinicians Health Channel for setting up the app.

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The Access App from McGraw Hill Medical is a personalized interactive learning solution that makes studying easier and more efficient. Learners can search vetted and trusted medical content across a variety of mediums that best fit their learning needs, including: books and chapters (including exam-related texts), videos, podcasts, infographics, images, tables, and figures.

Users need to create a free Access profile in the web version of AccessMedicine. With an Access profile, users can then save content to favourites and organize their collections, manage notifications, track their history and resume activities, and more.

To creat a MyAccess account:


  1. Log into AccessMedicine
  2. Check to make sure that it says Access Provided by: Royal Melbourne Hospital (Melbourne Health Sciences Library)
  3. Select the Sign in > Sign in or Create a Free MyAccess Profile from the dropdown [top-right corner]
  4. Click the Create a Free MyAccess Account button
  5. Complete the form and click the Create Profile button
  6. Go ahead and download the app below, then login

For more information, visit McGraw Hill's dedicated Access App library guide.

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Browser Plugins

The LibKey Nomad Browser extension puts direct PDF download links into PubMed, research platforms & journal publisher pages.

Available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave and Vivaldi browsers. Not currently available for Safari.

To download the plugin go to https://thirdiron.com/downloadnomad and follow the instructions to add this extension to your browser.

To download the plugin go to the Google Scholar settings page and follow the instructions to add this extension to your browser.

You will also want to check out this libguide on configuring which library links you want to use for direct linking to articles.

Zotero is a free, open-source research tool that helps you collect, organize, and analyze research and share it in a variety of ways.

The Zotero Connector allows you to save to Zotero directly from your web browser.

Visit this page to download the Zotero Connector for your browswer.

EndNote Click (formerly Kopernio) is designed to fit into your existing literature search workflow and works with thousands of academic platforms.

Available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Opera with an additional plugin.

To download the plugin go to this libguide and follow the instructions to add this extension to your browser.

Search Tools

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature.

Google scholar also provides the option to link directly to articles that are held by your library.

To activate this function please see this libguide about configuring library links for your Google scholar account.

Data Analysis Tools

The library maintains a list of free data analysis tools which can provide useful alternatives to programs such as SPSS or NVivo.

Visit the free software page in the library libguides to check out what is available.

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